Author Spotlights by Jenny


Jenny: Hi, Patty. Why don’t you introduce yourself and tell us a little about you.

Patty: I’m Patty Hardin. My husband, Eldon, and I are grandparents to 3 wonderful grandchildren. As for me, I collect ice-fishing decoys and anything shark-related. Eldon and I lived in the Marshall Islands for 8 years and I had several chances to swim up close and personal with sharks!

 Jenny: Where do you live? Do you like it?


Patty: We live in Long Beach, Washington, home of The World’s Longest Beach. Twenty-eight miles of hard-packed sand. Our house is about 2 miles from the beach, although if we traveled as the crow flies, it would only be about ¼ of a mile. I absolutely and completely love it here!

Jenny: What’s currently on your iPod/mp3 player/cd player?

Patty: I have a variety of music on my mp3, including classical, rock and roll and big band. However, since I started belly-dancing lessons last September, my favorite is Middle Eastern music.

Jenny: Describe a typical (or non-typical) writing day?

Patty: A typical day consists of getting up between 6:30 and 7:00 in the morning. I’m nothing without that first cup of coffee, which I sometimes enjoy on our deck, weather permitting. My husband works a week on, a week off so on his off days we do fun stuff, yard work, or just laze around the house.

Jenny: Do you go by goals? Weekly? Daily? Monthly?

Patty: When I’m working on a project, I try for a minimum of 2 pages a day. I’ve learned to write anywhere so I usually have a notebook and pen with me.

Jenny: What’s your favorite setting from one of your novels? Why?

 Patty: My favorite setting is from my novel, Devil In Her Arms. Madeline Spencer asks Gavin Marshall to take her home from a little boy’s birthday party. The child is the son of Gavin’s best friend. Back at Madeline’s house, she and Gavin get into a shouting match and Gavin storms out to go back to the party. This scene illustrates the pain Gavin carries from his past and for the first time, Madeline might be aware of his pain.

Jenny: What advice would you give any new writers just starting out?

Patty: Don’t give up! And keep writing, whether it’s poetry, letters, writing in a journal, etc. By its nature writing is a solitary pursuit so it is especially important for new writers to attend conferences and get involved with critique groups.

Jenny: What are you working on at the moment?

 Patty: In addition to writing a poem (usually haiku) a day and editing a short story, I’m gathering stories from Vietnam veterans for inclusion in a book.

 Jenny: Where do you think the future of e-publishing is headed?

Patty: Although nothing will replace the feeling of holding a book, smelling the ink and reading words from the pages, e-publishing is here to stay and it will grow.

Jenny: Any new releases coming up?

Patty: I’m submitting my short story to The Wild Rose Press and working to get an agent for my picture book manuscript. No new releases in the near future, though.

 I don’t have a website yet, but I’m willing to answer questions from fellow writers and readers.

Read on for a titilating short excerpt from Patty’s novel, Devil in Her Arms….

Madeline Spencer lowered herself to the soft grass, tucking her legs under her skirt. The early morning air was already heavy with the scent of flowers. She trailed her fingertips over the headstone, just like she had done at least twice a month over the past twelve years.

    “Well, Scott, I accepted the partnership Joe offered me at his veterinary hospital and I found a house to rent. The entire thing needs to be cleaned, the kitchen needs to be painted and the blackberry vines are threatening to swallow the yard. I can clean and paint. No problem. But I am definitely hiring someone to fix the yard.” Her eyes focused once again on the headstone. Even though the words were burned in her memory, Madeline always read them out loud.
    “Scott Ryan Spencer. April 10, 1966. July 16, 1983. Racer.” The word Racer was in quotes. It was her brother’s nickname and also what he was.

Please email Jenny at if you have questions for Patty!


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