Author Spotlights by Jenny


Front_Cover_-_Sweet_RedemptionR02Jenny: Hi, Nicole. Why don’t you introduce yourself and tell us a little about you.

Nicole: I am a married mother of two who juggles that along with my day job of marketing, writing, reading, editing and of course, reading.

Jenny: What inspired you to write your first romance?

Nicole: Well it all started one starry night…okay just kidding.  This is what really happened…

I have always enjoyed reading and had a secret love of writing which I kept to myself, not even telling my husband. Thinking it was merely a ‘pipe dream’ I chose to not pursue what brought me such hapiness.  In the Fall of 2008 a story kept popping up into my mind. I wanted to sit down and put it all on paper but felt that it was futile. How many authors were out there pouring out their hearts in the written word only to be rejected time and again, I asked myself?  The recurring plot kept playing itself out in my mind. Finally I gave in. One day I sat at my computer and began writing what is now known as SWEET REDEMPTION. When I finally finished my novel I edited it within an inch of it’s life and submitted it to a handful of publishers.

Jenny: What’s currently on your iPod/mp3 player/cd player?

Nicole:  I have a wide array of music types on my iPod.  Let me give you just a handful of them to show you just how diverse my tastes are:  Motley Crue, Tim McGraw, Usher, James Ingram, Katy Perry, Kiss and George Strait.  Are you sensing the pattern here?  Well you’re right, there is absolutely no pattern.  I like almost all music.

Jenny: Describe a typical (or non-typical) writing day?

Nicole:  That’s actually kind of funny.  A non-typical day would be me sitting down and writing because I know I should.  That very rarely happens though, because when I start a story it usually takes off for me.  So a more typical writing day is me getting lost in what’s playing out in my head as I type it into my computer.  This is also usually the day that my husband will want my undivided attention.  Ah, but it is what it is.  We have learned to live with and tolerate each other’s interests and love and respect each other more for them.

Jenny: What’s the one question no one ever asks that you wish they would?

Nicole:  “What does it feel like to be doing what you truly love?”  And my answer would be, “Amazing!  I can’t believe I’ve been given the opportunities that I have in this past year.  And the people/friends I have met along the way are just icing on the proverbial cake of it all.”

Jenny: What’s your favorite setting from one of your novels?

Nicole:  My favorite setting would be the gorgeous Craftsman style house that Rex and Shelby buy in SWEET SALVATION.

Jenny: What do you think makes the ideal heroine/hero?

Nicole:  To me the ideal heroine is someone that you can really like as a person.  I can’t stand a snotty heroine.  Someone that’s mad at the world all the time is unappealing to me.  I’ve read a few of those and they’re hard to like.  For me she has to be feminine, strong, independent but at the same time willing to give into her desires for that one man that she just can’t live without.

As for the hero, well of course he has to be down right gorgeous!  An incredible body, masculine features and rough and tumble.  The typical alpha male.  He needs to be strong enough both emotionally and physically so that he can take care of the heroine in every possible way.  But he also needs to be just a bit on the cocky side, confident in ALL of his abilities.  I’ve never liked a wishy washy man.

Jenny: What are you working on at the moment?

Nicole:  I actually have just finished two books that I have also recently finished editing.  They are titled LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES and INTIMATE PERSUASIONS.  At the time of this interview I have not submitted them for publishing yet, but hopefully you’ll see them soon!  (This is me crossing my fingers.)  In addition to that I do reviews occassionally for Rose Petal Reviews (  And most recently I have started doing editing for one of my publishers.

Jenny: Which comes first–the plot or the characters?

Nicole: For me it’s always the plot first, then the characters sort of blossom from that.  I get an idea of what I want to write about and then I have to figure out the rest.  Which can be funny, because in my first book, SWEET REDEMPTION, I had written in a character that was just horrible.  But in it’s sequel, SWEET SALVATION, I really dove into who she was and what made her who she was, and in the end you are left with no choice but to like her.

Jenny: Any new releases coming up?

Nicole:  Yes.  I have SWEET SALVATION, the sequel to SWEET REDEMPTION coming out sometime this summer, the date is still unknown at this time.  They are both through Hearts on Fire Books (  And I have another book, SUDDEN DEVOTION, due to be released August 11, 2009 through Wild Horse Press (

You can find more of Nicole at

Read on for a wonderful excerpt from Nicole’s novel, Sweet Redemption….

“What is it Jack?”

“Honey, did you hear your door bell ring last night, did you know I came by?”

What?  He had come by, why hadn’t Brent told her?  Lord knows he called her enough times today.  He knew how upset she was, he…oh that son of a bitch!  “Jack I didn’t know you came by I swear, what happened?”

“I wanted to apologize to you.  When you walked out of that bar my whole life flashed before my eyes. I realized in that moment I was in love with you.  There were no more doubts, I loved you.  I knew that when you slapped me I deserved it.”  She eyed the slight bruise on his cheek and winced.

“It’s all right sweetheart, I had it coming.  I knew I was way out of line and so did Rex.  Boy, did he tell me as much too.  Anyway, I drove around trying to find any floral shop that would be open so late on a Sunday night.  I had to finally settle on that supermarket near your place.  I bought all of the flowers they had in their case and a sweet little old lady helped me put them together and make a bigger bouquet.  I drove to your place.  I was going to tell you I loved you then.  I was going to tell you I was an ass.  I was going to beg and grovel for forgiveness.  But, I got there and…”  He stopped the memory of what he saw and what he thought when Brent opened the door hit him like a ton of bricks all over again.

Tamara could feel his tension seep back in.  “Jack please, go on, tell me what happened.”

Look at her Jack thought, she is so beautiful.  He hoped he would find the right words for her to forgive him.  “Brent opened the door.  He had no shirt on, his pants were undone, his hair was all messed up and he had smudges of that red lipstick I bought you last week on his face and neck.”  He said it all so fast without taking a breath.  It was hard for him to relive that feeling he had in his gut when he saw Brent standing there like that.

“Oh Jack.  Jack I swear to you nothing was going on.  I would never let him or any one else touch me.”  Tamara’s eyes were pleading with him, begging for his trust.  Jack felt ten feet tall at that declaration.

“I was sleeping.  I slept over twelve hours.  Those sleeping pills really knocked me out.  I had no idea you came.  I’m so sorry he let you think that.  Please believe me, please tell me that you believe me.”  She was desperate, she couldn’t lose him, she loved him.

“Honey, I do believe you.  But there’s more.  Please let me get it all out.  Okay?”  She nodded.  How much more could there be.  What more could Brent have done?

“He acted, I guess you could say happy.  He stepped outside with me.  He told me – in the most arrogant and condescending way he could come up with – that you two had worked out your problems, that I was your rebound guy while you were trying to get over him.  He told me that you had agreed to marry him!”

When he said the last sentence she could sense the hurt.  She knew it must have killed him to hear that.  “Jack, how could you believe such lies, especially from him?  I know I never told you before, but couldn’t you guess how much you meant to me?  I told you before that I never loved him.  Oh, I could just kill him.  I’m not going to pretend to understand what you felt, but I’m sure it was awful.  I’m so sorry Jack.”  She brought her hands back up to his face.  She ran her hands through his hair and leaned into him.  She started to kiss him then pulled away a little, looking into his eyes. “Jack, I love you.  Every man before you, every boyfriend, every kiss I have ever had has just been a prelude to the only person who’s ever mattered to me, you.”

She leaned into him again, she needed to feel his warm mouth against hers.  This time Jack pulled away.  He got up and paced the room several times, afraid to look at her. This was it.  He was so relieved that Tamara hadn’t slept with Brent but now he had to break her heart.  He knew the hurt she was going to feel when he told her about the woman he brought home last night.  All because he was too stupid to trust her.  Instead of listening to his heart he listened to that prick Townsend.

“Jack what’s wrong, did I say something wrong?”

He loved her so much.  She sat there eyeing him nervously, worried she had done something wrong.  This whole thing was his damn fault!  And he hated himself for it.  “Tamara, I have to tell you something.  But please believe me that I love you.  I would never do anything to intentionally hurt you, do you know that?”

She nodded.  Her nerves were getting the better of her and she was starting to shake.  “What is it, tell me please.  You said we had to be completely honest with each other.  So tell me.”

He came back to kneel in front of her again.  He put his hands on her shoulders and then slowly worked his way down until he was once again holding her hands in his and rubbing his thumbs across her knuckles.  He took a deep breath and stared into her eyes.

“Tamara, honey, after I left your place last night I thought I had lost you.  I had never felt an emptiness like that before in my entire life.  There was this ache in my chest, it hurt so bad.”  He thumped a fist against his chest in explanation of the pain.  “I knew that I loved you.  I thought that you loved me.  I was confused.  I wasn’t thinking.”  He stopped, he looked away.  Could he do this?

She could see the fear in his eyes.  Something was very wrong.  Tamara knew whatever he had to tell her wasn’t going to be good.  She got up from the bed and stood several feet away, looking down at him.  “What did you do Jack?”


My first novel SWEET REDEMPTION has earned glowing customer reviews on various websites.

I have been fortunate to find two publishers who are wonderful to work with in my writing endeavors. I currently have two books due out in the Summer of 2009. SUDDEN DEVOTION is scheduled for release on August 11, 2009 through Wild Horse Press. And SWEET SALVATION the sequel to SWEET REDEMPTION is due out this year, with the exact date still unknown at this time through Hearts on Fire Books.


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