Author Spotlights by Jenny


all3booksJenny: Hi, Amber. Why don’t you introduce yourself and tell us a little about you.

Amber: I am 33 years old and have been writing since I was 11. I am married to my biggest fan, Jack (aka Billy) and we have 3 children together. I love the writing process. Growing up it was my escape from reality and it saved my life many times. Then when I met my husband, he became my hero, which sparked the light that caused my nightmare inspiring my first published book, Cursed Blood. I love doing things that are creative when I have the time. I love karaoke and yes, I can sing lol. At least everyone says I can.

Jenny: What inspired you to write your first romance?

Amber: It was actually by accident. When I wrote Cursed Blood it was suppose to be horror, and just horror. I was trying to write like Stephen King. I love his horror stories. But when I put the two main characters together (Donna and Agent Green), fireworks exploded causing a love story to blossom within the pages. The curse caused Donna’s heart to remain closed in hopes to save others but the more she knew the agent, the harder it was for her to keep her heart from falling for him. When I wrote the sequel which was just released, it was easier to keep the love story out and stay with the horror genre.

Now I am writing in the romance genre too which is something I never thought I would ever do. Writing this book opened my mind to accept romance on a unique level. Since I love twists, I try to find a way to add a twist in my stories, one way or another (small or big).

Jenny: What’s currently on your iPod/mp3 player/cd player?

Amber: Well, I don’t really have a cd player except for what’s on my laptop. I do go to a website which I may store music on and find all the songs through. That way, I can hear what I like without buying any and I’m not downloading them or anything so it’s legal. That’s always cool lol. It’s called Deezer.

I have an assortment of music from “Lean on Me” by DC Talk, songs by Poison, Def Lepperd, Madonna, one song by Garth Brooks, a few older songs, and other Christian Rock, Rock n Roll songs. I love all types of music and sometimes when I write, I listen to them. It actually helps me get through some of my intense scenes when I write erotica.

Jenny: Describe a typical (or non-typical) writing day?

Amber: When I’m not sitting at my computer writing, I am either working or playing lol. Of course, I am a full time writer which means I’m always working on something in my mind. And that happens 24-7, even in my sleep lol. So if I’m not at the desk putting words together, I am shopping, working, watching a movie, cleaning house, etc. I have a normal life. Sometimes I get with friends and have fun, sometimes I stay at home.

No two days have ever been the same. Once a week, I stay up all night and work on my books. But I also do other things with that like playing games on the computer. So there are times when I’m at the computer and I’m not writing lol. Internet sometimes does get in the way lol.

Jenny: What’s the one question no one ever asks that you wish they would?

Amber: I’m not even sure. People ask me a lot of different things. One guy asked me to sign his girlfriend’s underwear lol. A couple people have asked me to write books about them or make my characters like them. I get asked for advice a lot. If someone paid me to write a book about them, I might consider it lol. No one has done that yet.

Jenny: What’s your favorite setting from one of your novels?

Amber: Published or unpublished? In one of my published books, my favorite scene is in Stolen Identity with the fireplace scene. I can’t go into it too much because it is a dirty scene lol. But the mood is very romantic. With the fireplace, there’s soft music playing in the background and candles lit. It’s a scene I’d love to have for real.

Jenny: What do you think makes the idea heroine/hero?

Amber: This character isn’t going to be perfect. There’s going to be flaws. I think the perfect hero is someone who is willing to take a chance, willing to get through the mistakes and keep trying for the sake of mankind. In Cursed Blood, Jack was the hero and it took one of my readers to show me how much he was like my husband lol. He didn’t let Donna give up and that’s what a hero does. It doesn’t matter if he’s good looking although Jack was. It doesn’t matter if he’s an FBI agent even though he was. A hero goes outside the box, outside his normal being. He was with Donna on her birthday, waiting to see if he would die or if the cure set the curse free. He was willing to die for her, revealing how much of a hero he was.

Jenny: What are you working on at the moment?

Amber: I have many books in the works right now. Mother of the Dragons is being edited. It is a fantasy romance. Then there’s Mistaken Identity which is erotica thriller. I also have Demon, I Thee Wed and it’s also erotica. Then there’s Peterson Estate which is fantasy. It’s being reviewed by a publisher right now. All my books are being written for adults although some books can be read by YA like Cursed Blood and Spawn of the Curse.

Jenny: Which comes first–the plot or the characters?

Amber: I’d have to say both, together at the same time lol. When I envision a new story, I imagine the character and the story intertwined. Through the writing process I develop the character more. Sometimes I change the plot through the story or make it more intense. In Peterson Estate, I use more than one plot—the main plot and several minor ones.

Jenny: Any new releases coming up?

Amber: I’m hoping so but I have to wait to see. Peterson Estate is being reviewed. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one. I began writing it when I was 12 years old so it’s a special story to me.

My newest release is Spawn of the Curse. It is the sequel to Cursed Blood (my first book). It’s available on Amazon along with Stolen Identity. Cursed Blood is available through Barnes N Noble, Books A Million, and more places.

Read on for an excerpt from Amber’s novel, Spawn of the Curse….

After waiting for an hour with no word, Jack went to the nurse’s station to find the answers. “I’m sorry, sir. As soon as we hear something, we will let you know. Wait a minute, here’s the doctor now. Doctor Reed, this man would like to know about his wife,” the nurse said as the doctor walked up to them.

“Her name?” he asked Jack.

“Donna Green. She came in here with a high fever,” Jack said.

“Yes, Mrs. Green. She’s stable now. Her temperature was an alarming one hundred five degrees and her blood pressure was extremely high as well. We were able to get some of the blood pressure down but her fever is still a little high. We would like to keep her here over night to keep an eye on her. She’s sleeping now but you may go in and see her,” the doctor said. As Jack was beginning to walk into her room, the doctor added on a comment. “It was a good thing you brought her in when you did, Mr. Green.”

Jack stopped where he was and turned around. He was scared to ask why. “What’s wrong with her?”

“Oh, there’s nothing wrong with her. I’m sorry to frighten you like that. She’s just pregnant,” he said as he looked over a file. Donna’s worst fear was a reality. How was Jack going to tell her? He was more frightened of that than the fact that she was pregnant. He wanted a child with her but knew it would never happen. And now he was going to have a son or daughter. Jack walked into the room while Doctor Reynolds waited in the hallway. Donna looked so peaceful as she lied in that bed, sleeping. He watched her sleep for a few minutes and left the room. He didn’t want to tell her just yet.

“So how is she, Jack?” the doctor asked him. Jack told Doctor Reynolds the news. “I know a great doctor that will help her. He has been a pediatrician for eighteen years now. I can call him if you’d like.”

“I don’t know. She isn’t going to like this,” Jack said. It was at that time when Jack told him about the dreams.

“Jack, you have nothing to worry about. We got the curse. She beat it. There is no way that that child will be in danger,” he told him. Jack wanted to believe that the doctor was right.

“What’s the doctor’s name?” he asked.

“Doctor Stoupe. I can call him later today if you want me to,” Doctor Reynolds said. Jack made up his mind that he was going to convince Donna to have this baby. He knew it would be hard but he also knew it would be worth it. He agreed to call Doctor Stoupe. A few hours later, when Donna woke up, Jack told her the news.

“A baby? No, I can’t have this baby. Jack, those dreams were real. That demon is going to come back and curse our daughter. I will not allow it. We have to get rid of it now before it’s too late,” she told him. Her eyes filled with tears. She became upset and an alarm went off as her blood pressure went back up. A couple nurses ran into the room and gave her some medication and asked Jack to leave the room. Donna needed to calm down before she killed herself.

A couple of hours passed by before Jack could see Donna again. Just before he returned to the room, J entered the hallway and saw Jack standing there. “I just heard. What’s wrong with her?”

“She’s fine, Dad. Her blood pressure was up and she had a fever. She’s better now. And she’s pregnant,” he said. J’s eyes lit up like he was a child again and he just got the perfect gift for Christmas. Jack hadn’t seen that look in a long time. “Give it up, Dad. She doesn’t want it.”

“What do you mean, she doesn’t want it? You can’t mean,” J began to say. “You let me talk to her. I bet I can talk some sense into her.” J really wanted a grand child. Jack was his only son and he knew Jack wanted a baby. He always liked Donna and he couldn’t pick a better woman to give a child to his son. He couldn’t hide his excitement knowing he would have the chance to be a grandfather. Donna was not going to take that away from him even if it frightened her. He could understand the fear but there was nothing there to support it. The curse was gone. She needed to know that and he wanted to tell her.

“You know how Donna is, Dad. Once she makes up her mind, she sticks to it. She’s just as stubborn as I am,” Jack said. He was right. Donna was very stubborn, sometimes too stubborn. It was how she was able to make her home the way it was. Jack didn’t like giving in the way he did but he just wanted his wife to be happy. This was his turn to be happy and he didn’t like the idea that she felt the way she did. He decided to give his father a chance to talk to her. Maybe, he could say something that Jack couldn’t. “Go ahead, talk to her. Just be careful not to upset her.”

J walked into the room and sat down next to Donna’s bed. She saw him and tried to smile but the thought of that baby inside of her chased the smile away like it was a disease. “I don’t want you to say anything right now, Donna. I just want you to listen to me. In that hallway is a man who cherishes you. He’s a good man and you’re a good woman. I know now that is why you were chosen for that curse. I also know that that curse is long gone and it will never hurt you anymore. Don’t say it, Donna,” he said. Donna really wanted to argue with him but she also knew not to argue with this man. She respected him too much for that. This was her father-in-law and she loved him almost as much as she loved Jack. “I know you are afraid of having this child. All parents go through that fear.”

“Yea but all parents don’t have this curse in their past either, J,” she said.

“That’s right; it’s in your past, Donna. Let it stay there. Start looking into the future and see things that are good now. Yes, you’re having a baby. That’s a good thing. She will have your beautiful smile and outrageous personality or he will have Jack’s strong back and his nose. Either way, this child will be very healthy. Please, keep this child and raise it as if that curse never existed,” he told her. Jack walked into the room. Donna smiled at him. If only that smile was real. She still couldn’t get over the curse. The dream was a warning and she couldn’t shake it no matter how hard she tried. She wanted to have a healthy baby but there was going to be no way that this child was going to be what everyone wanted. She knew that in her heart and feared it.


Author Amber Rigby Grosjean is 33 years old and full of imagination, writing for adults in her horror, romance, erotica, and fantasy genres. Author of Cursed Blood, Stolen Identity, and her recent release Spawn of the Curse.


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